Thursday, 23 February 2012

Watch The Midwife

It’s not often I rave about a TV programme. But the last six Sunday evenings have seen me glued to “Call The Midwife”. As a member of the SWWJ (Society of Women Writers and Journalists) I’d read about Jennifer Worth, who wrote the book. I remember her excitement when she’d been told her work would become a TV series. So sad she didn’t live to see the finished product and even more, to hear how viewers loved it. So many women I know are raving about this series and say they could quite happily watch it again - right now.

What did I like? Well, it was a change to see non-graphic childbirth. Very realistic screams, grunts and pants but when baby popped out, you just saw its little head emerging from beneath the sheet. No full frontal expanded and bloodied vagina as you enjoy a biscuit or two. Also, refreshingly, no sex. Kissing and banter, yes, but the sauciest bit was when Chummy (the wonderful Miranda Hart) reconciles with her policeman beau.

“Underneath this gaberdine I’m practically starkers.”

I physically let out a cheer when she was on the phone to Posh Mum about her wedding outfit

“Ok, mama, I’ll let you buy my wedding outfit, but it cannot white. Quite inappropriate now.”

Great stuff.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Loo Roll Etiquette

How do you hang your toilet roll? Apparently there’s a right and a wrong way. So I heard on the radio recently. I thought “How daft. Who cares?” Then realised I did care because I became quite indignant at being told over the airwaves that I am placing my roll on the holder the wrong way and people can become quite annoyed at seeing this. The correct way is with the paper hanging outwards. Myself, I prefer sheets draping on the inside, doesn’t stick out and is flush to the wall. There you go – what trivia. Was there an etiquette in the days of newspaper pierced on a nail in the outside loo? So many inches above? Anyway, I’ve noticed that many people just balance theirs around the handle of the toilet brush. That way, doesn’t hang either side!