Monday, 21 November 2011

Many months later ...

It just doesn't occur to me. I don't write diaries, tweet or facebook. I've been 'told off' for not having a web presence and know that, yes, I should be blogging. And help, after attending the book launch of "Wordfall", the 2010 anthology from Southampton Writing Buddies, I see on the page showing my photo and brief writing CV it says 'you can catch up with Glen on her blog ....'
How embarrassing! If anyone had decided to catch up they will see there's nothing to catch up with, completely out of date. So here I am, looking very shame-faced, and sitting at my new lap top. All this modern techno stuff, the touchy over-sensitive touch pad, though easier than my hyper-sensitive new touchy strokey smart phone. Mustn't complain, would not go back to the days of Imperial typewriters that needed muscles to lift off a desk or those huge house phones with the circular number dial that could trap your finger. Who would have believed you'd one day have a phone the size of an eye shadow palette?

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